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The Grey County Historian is published two times a year -- March and September. Submissions to the editor should be received no later than the 1st of the month of publication. Articles and news should be related to Grey County History. Please contact the editor if you have any questions. Authors of articles retain the copyright to their work. To submit articles see our Who's Who/Contact Us page.

Table of Contents for 2007 issues

March 2007, issue no. 15
The Polish Legion in Owen Sound by Paula Niall.
Owen Sound's first clerk: Thomas Gordon by Betty Warrilow.
Furniture companies in Owen Sound: a natural fit by Stephanie Riggs.
Murder at the mill, 1927 by Viola Bothwell
A large motor yacht in Owen Sound by Fraser M. McKee.
A Ghost ship in Colpoy's Bay: Jane Miller by Stephanie Riggs.
Pier 21 - in search of my father's arrival in Canada by Peter Chepil.
The railway that almost wasn't by Stephanie Riggs.

July 2007, issue 16
The President's page by Tom Cole
The Titanic: Owen Sound Connection by Susan Schank
Homecoming wartime medallions by Fraser M. McKee
History of Chatsworth United Church by Marjorie Woods
The World's Oldest Women's Institute
Proposed visit by Moberly descendants by Charles Garrad
GCHS recent meetings: March 21 - Markdale - The Hollis Family in Grey County with Lorraine Hollis; Annual Dinner May 16 reviewed by Don Crosby (for Markdale Standard)

November 2007, issue 17
The Craigleith oil shale plant and Canadian unconventional oil development in the 19th century by Frank Dabbs.
Melba Morris Croft: 1909-2007 and the Association for Community Living by Paula Niall.
Cyrus Richmond Sing, 1826-1904 by Pamela Woolner.
William Henry Sing: "Nugamo", 1860-1948 by Helene Weaver.
Highlight of talks Charles Garrad on Craigleith rewiewed by Suzanne Ferri and Mills on the Bighead River presented by Norman Seigrist reviewed by Elizabeth McKinlay.
W. C. Boyd: The Beaver, 1811-1894 by Susan Schank.
Passing of life member Rosalind (Roz) Stuart McKee.
Kemble Women's Institute lookout/parkett by Joyce Robinson.
Forging Fredom Conference and the Annual General Meeting by Sheila Lambrinos.

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