St. Mary's Anglican Cemetery, Maxwell, Ontario
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Recent and Current GCHS Activities

We publish annually two newsletters with about 40 pages per issue.
We schedule monthly meetings with interesting and informative guest speakers.
We have in addition to our blog and website a page on Facebook.
We publish a monthly newspaper column "Viva Historica!" in the Sun Times.
We make donations to Grey Roots and other museums.
We present annually the Heritage Certificate of Recognition.

  Become a Member: We hope you will become a member, our revenue comes primarily from our membership fees. The GCHS membership year is from June 1 to May 31.

Rates for 2014-2015 Year
Individual Membership
$500.00 (per person)

Make cheques payable to: Grey County Historical Society
Mail to: Box 548, Markdale, Ontario NOC 1H0

Membership Form (need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view) Print and send to the above address.


Committees also provide opportunities for members to volunteer for short term or ongoing projects. Let one of the members of the Board of Directors know if you are interested.

Audio-Visual Committee - The chair is responsible for the audio-visual and communications equipment.

Communications Committee is responsible for internal and external communications about the activities of the Society.

Grey County Historian Editor - The editor solicits information and articles, edits the material and prepares it for printing.

Grey Roots Representative -The representative attends the meeting of representatives at Grey Roots and keeps the Society abreast of its progress, current events, discussions addressed and decisions made at this meeting. The representative suggests ways and means by which the Society can support the Archives.

Hospitality - The chair is responsible for scheduling members to greet guests and newcomers at Society functions; making them feel welcome and introducing them to others.

Library and Book Sales - The chair keeps the Society library and brings samples to meetings for purchase or examination.

Membership - The Chair keeps a record of all current members' addresses, telephone and e-mail numbers.

Program - The chair is responsible for scheduling programs that offer a variety of topics and venues that promote and kindle interest in the history of Grey County. Currently, the members of the Board of Directors are sharing this responsibility.

Refreshments -- The chair is responsible for the refreshments during the social time at meetings and looks after the supplies.

Research - The Chair is one who likes to do historical research, is willing to assist in locating historical information; and is possibly willing to write articles for the GCHS. Committee members will attend regular training sessions and will participate in the committee's projects.

Special Committees - Special committees will be formed as needed for special events or project, e.g. logo committee, web site committee, Nellie McClung Plaque Rededication committee, or fundraising committees.

Webmaster - The webmaster is responsible for the Society's web site and weblog.

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