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The Grey County Historian is published two times a year -- March and September. Submissions to the editor should be received no later than the 1st of the month of publication. Articles and news should be related to Grey County History. Please contact the editor if you have any questions. Authors of articles retain the copyright to their work. To submit articles see our Who's Who/Contact Us page.

Table of Contents for 2006 issues

April 2006, issue 12
Bothwell Corners (a lost hamlet) by Viola C. Bothwell.
Neustadt Brewery.
Agnes Macphail by Andrew Armitage.
Carman Hamill remembered by Melinda Cornfiled and Paula Niall. First seven years of Hanover by Al Morrow.
The gunfight at Campbell's Corner, Hanover by Al Morrow.
Elmwood explosion of 1892 by Shirley McClure.
Disciples of Christ in Kilsyth

July 2006, issue 13
Why our museums are dying by Val Ross.
Treasure Chest Museum - Paisley oil lamps & lanterns by Marguerite Caldwell.
Who was Isaac Randle by Janet Iles.
Member profiles: - Paula Niall: a curator at heart.
Highlight of meetings: Scott Carpenter on history and culture of the Metis and Holstein presented by Muriel Calder, Ethel McQueen and Jean Way.
Agnes Macphail cairn dedication day, June 24, 2006.
Anna Scott.

November 2006, issue 14
Member profiles: Janet Iles.
Presqu'isle, Grey County and its founder, John Mackenzie by Susan Schank.
Dorothy Crysler by Paula J. A. Niall.
History of the Beaver Valley apple industry by Walter H. Goldsmith.
C.G.C.H.S. research committee meeting by Paula Niall.
Branningham Grove, Owen Sound by Viola C. Bothwell.
Building the Garafraxa Road by A. M. Stevens (1889).

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