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The Grey County Historian is published two times a year -- March and September. Submissions to the editor should be received no later than the 1st of the month of publication. Articles and news should be related to Grey County History. Please contact the editor if you have any questions. Authors of articles retain the copyright to their work. To submit articles see our Who's Who/Contact Us page.

Table of Contents for 1980s issues

Early editions called Grey County Historical Society Newsletter
May 1982 - Yearbook
A History of apple growing in Beaver Valley
Steam train discussed at historical society
History of St. Jerome's Parish
Grey County Historical Society Annual Meeting
A history of Walter's Falls as told by Mrs. Margaret Quinton
35 take tours of old mills >br> Talk by Mr. Adrian Knechtel to the Grey County Historical Society May 1980
History of the Grey County Historical Society

May 1983 Yearbook
Annual dinner meeting - May 19, 1983
Bus trip October 3, 1982
Fall general meeting
Annual historical society church services by Dr. J.A.C. Kell
Early photographers in Grey County by Robert A. Cotton - March 1982

Vol. 1 no. 1 January 1985
Do we need a county archives building? by N. Elliott.
Contests are fun.
Nahneebahweequa by Dorothy Crysler.
Yesterday is history to-day by Clay Schwegler.
The Neustadt Brewery building (adapted from a brief history of Neustadt).
It's an anniversary year

Volume no. 1 no. 2 1985
Barns old, grey and romantic (from the Bruce Mines Spectator 1932).
The Dundalk Historical Society.
Loss of the Jane Miller.
The Durham Road.
Le Tabac by Robert Comber.
Municipal histories of Grey County.

Volume 2 no. 1 January 1987
A Grey County Archives building.
The 86 Annual bus tour.
Vail Point and Cape Rich.
A Few things remembered by Lillian Renton.
The lowering of Williams Lake by by Harold Edmunds as told to Bob Comber.
The origin of graham flour by Frank Dougherty

May 1987 Yearbook 1986-1987
Annual meeting May 21, 1986
The 1986 annual bus tour
Show and tell
Fall fairs
General meeting - Dundalk
News from the Marine-Rail Museum Heritage Centre Owen Sound
Thornbury Centennial
Flersherton Homecoming 9112-1987
Dundalk Historical Society

July 1987 volume 2 no.2
At the 20th annual meeting.
Video documentaries.
Heritage - giving our past a future - From the minutes SS #1 Normanby.
A first school.
Contrasts - yesterday and today.
The founding of Owen Sound
Volume V - (1985-86 yearbook)
Bus tour October 26, 1985.
The Dundalk Historical Society.
Tribute to Dr. J. A. C. Kell.
Dr. J. A. C. Kell biographical sketch by Irvin B. Sharpe.
Our annual meetings 1970-1985 by J. A. C. Kell.
Desboro revisited by Dr. Palmer S. Carson.
Beekeeping in Beaver Valley by Geraldine Robinson.
Herb Miller wins Kelly award.
Vina Ufland.

May 1989 1988-1989 Yearbook
Annual meeting May 25, 1988
General meeting September 14, 1988 with Dr. Glenn Lucas
General meeting November 23, 1988 with Millie Hubbert
General meeting March 15, 1989 with John Harrison
The Archive Annual report
Grey Bruce Arts Council Nomination - Millie Hubbert
History of Grey County Historical Society as presented by Dorothy Crysler to the Grey Arts Council
Dundalk Historical Society by Amy Yourex

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